Patents & Europe

the “democracy” that is EuropeSo despite the fact that the EU Parliament has rejected software patents for Europe, and despite the fact that there is not a qualified majority of member states supporting it, the EU Council has now endorsed their draft of the ‘Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions.’

This struggle continues to astonish me. There’s no good economic evidence that software patents do more good than harm. That’s the reason the US should reconsider its software patent policy.

But why Europe would voluntarily adopt a policy that will only burden its software developers and only benefit US interests is beyond me.

They call it a ‘democracy’ that they’re building in Europe. I don’t see it. Instead, they have created a government of bureaucrats, more easily captured by special interests than anything in the US.”
(Via Lessig Blog.)
Nicely observed. As a European i am constantly in awe about the amount of bureaucracy that we are creating to keep ourselves down. Europe embodies the concept of individual impotency, of goverments so concerned with the welfare of their voters, that they make it impossible for them to act at all without filling out a form. Oh sure, we have tons of official sanctions ways of expressing ourselves, like demonstrations etc, but on the large, they are more for show than anything else. On the personal level, most Europeans I talk to feel as powerless and oppressed as a peasant in China

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