Google Desktop BETA

I installed this on my Windows Box, and i am mostly confused. Is it better than the competion on Windows? Maybe, but here is the list of things that I am missing or complaining about.

a) customization. Pretty much everything in the sidebar is “smart” meaning that it will learn what you look at a lot and display this there. Heh? Am i missing something? Yes, i can add feeds to it manually. Cumbersome. Why is there no “import from bloglines”? Or import OPML? Or better, use bloglines notification service. The same is true for all the plugins, as far as i can tell. Now i have to look at headlines all day…. or i need to cut/copy/paste feeds in there. I do not want to do that again.

b) internationalization. I am really tired of US only releases by Google. It’s nice to know the weather of Honolulu by default, but heck, i really don’t care. Must be me. Sitting in rainy Germany, i want to know the weather of Wuppertal, not Hawaii.

c) Keyboard access. I read that you can use the keyboard to open the search bar.. Ok, on my Mac i do CTRL+SPACE and start typing. Anyone knows how to set this up? I can’t find it.

d) UI issues. I can’t find it. I mean trying to figure out how to customize the sidebar, keyboard access, what it’s searching etc, is not streamlined.

e) Outlook search. Yesterday that was not working. Totally random. Have not tried today

f) GMail indexing. Took 14hours. Wow.

g) Window only. What’s up with Google only releasing Windows software. Not that i would use this on a MAC, but on Linux I would. Google is already having credibility issues in the Open Source world, and they are getting pictured as the next big evil after Microsoft. Why, oh why, aren’t they releasing this as OSS, so that a port would be possible? That would be a good marketing move, in my opinion. I can’t see that this bit of code is actually worth protecting in a close source form.

Or, to rephrase it in a one liner. I am not impressed. No, let’s rephrase this: I am very intrigued that the press says this is better than yahoo & msn desktop search.

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