Dare Obasanjo and his stand on MSFT…

Read his post on MS and why he believes he is not going to be there anymore in 5 years.

Seriously, if you can see all this now, even if you are working on something cool and exciting right now, it won’t be 5 years …

MS was fun when we worked on IE4 and a few projects after. I never worked on MSN, beside a brief stunt on Communities in its very early days, and seriously would not have wanted to be in that division – too many heads leading there that, back then, i did not really really want to work with. Of course, when i left, they were all retired 🙂

Two things might happen to the MSN culture, which, if i understand Dare correctly, is allowed to exist because they need to ship more often than every 5 years.

One possibility is that they win the web, and beat Yahoo, Google and all the others – just like IE4 did years ago.

Now, excuse the continuation of that post, while I step into the bathroom and laugh myself silly.

The other way, and that’s what i am betting on, this might work out, is, that the corporate MS will just give up the fight. It will check this off as a calculated loss, and stop pouring money into a fight they will not win.

And, that is the end, my friends, to the free culture movement in MSN land. Enjoy it for the 24 months it might last.

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