Troubling Exits at Microsoft

There is a very good article on BusinessWeek online about one of the bigger problems Microsoft is facing today. As one of the former MS employees not mentioned, i find this article still to be right on the money. Some of my favorite quotes:

‘Lee called the company “incompetent.” After the ruling he praised Google, noting, “the culture is very supportive, collaborative, innovative, and Internet-like — and that’s bottoms-up innovation rather than top-down direction.”‘

‘When the project was conceived half a decade ago, it was envisioned as a breakthrough: an operating system that would transform the way users store and retrieve information. But the more revolutionary features have been dropped, and Vista will arrive three years after researcher Gartner Inc. originally predicted that it would ship. Worse yet, they say, nobody has been held accountable. “People look around and say: ‘What are those clowns doing?”‘ says Adam Barr, a program manager in the Windows group.’

‘ Microsoft certainly is chock-full of smart employees who want to do better. Still, many of them say that jumping through bureaucratic hoops and struggling to link products together is preventing them from being the best they can be. There’s a plea for action to Gates and Ballmer to do more — slash the bureaucracy, tend to morale, and make it easier to innovate. But is anyone listening?

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