Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard…

I just got that one today, and this is the best keyboard Microsoft has produced so far – and that says something, as i consider their keyboards to be very high quality for a long time.

But, beside the goodness of the keyboard, Microsoft managed to create a slight sting again. They actually shipped software with they keyboard, which is a good thing… The keyboard has a lot of extra keys, i use it on a Mac, i like having the software.

So, I install the software, i go on about my business, define an eject key etc. During the course of the day my mouse starts acting funky. It comes to a point where every left click does something (like start spotlight) – although it should not…

So i reboot. I go to preferences, and behold: There is not just IntelliType (the keyboard software), no, there is IntelliPoint as well.

I found the uninstaller and got rid of that. The software might work fine with an MS mouse, but it sure did not like my excellent Logitech MX Laser.
A quick note to Microsoft: just because I like your keyboards, does not give you the right to take over my system. Please note that and refrain from doing so in the future.

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