Cardinal William Keeler…..

talks about the dangers of the modern world… This time video iPods, cell phones etc…
To quote him, is to loathe him:

“Sadly, unwanted pornography often leads to wanted pornography,”

“The danger lies in the fact that there are not safeguards or regulations in place to protect children or teens from being exposed to unwanted pornography.”

Now, to directly respond to Mister Keeler:

a) in regard to unwanted porn leading to wanted one, If someone want’s it, then let him/her have it. Do not assume there is a way in the world he will not get exposed to it anyhow, and if he/she desires it, that there is anything you can do to stop this.

b) in regard to regulations and safeguards. I might be stupid, but couldn’t you just turn that device of? Delete the film? Or, is the lure of the darkside so great that it takes over your iPod?

Mister Keeler is a good example of the christian right movement. They denounce Darwin, they are want to protect you soooo much that you will end up loosing all freedom, and they are, on average, not really giving any indication that they read the new Testament, but are more firmly grounded with both feeds and a gun on the old Testament.


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