Anti Virus Software for the Mac OS X…

Based on an article in MacWorld, i bought Intego VirusBarrier eight months ago. I was a happy camper for this time, the software worked, and no virus got on my system (big deal – there are not that many floating around). But I assume the software did it’s job.

Then, one blue moon, they released an update: VirusBarrier X4. Of, course, as a nice citizen, and a former windows user, i upgraded the software – with Virus stuff, you always want to be uptodate….

Now the trouble started. Every couple of scans, the software started to fill my boot drive, eating all the 160GB of free space, until the system shut down. I actually lost data due to this.

That bug was fixed (no help to tech support, who answered 3 weeks after my email, and 1 week after the patch for this – btw, that problem was never mentioned in the patch notes) in a patch.

But, behold, my dual power mac experienced surges of CPU usage.. One process of VirusBarrierX eats up good 170% of CPU and never, at least not in any reasonable time, let go.

So, what am i as a consumer to do? There is a 60$ upgrade, that is eating more time than it’s worth, with NO WAY IN HELL to get tech support (funny note: their tech support site states “we support you” ) in any reasonable time frame. I already wrote them 3 times with no answer worth mentioning about the former issue, is this worth it?

Google to the rescue: enter “uninstall VirusBarrier X”, find out how to do that, and pretend for the rest of your life that you spend those 60$ in a bar, it was a great night, and you just do not remember any of it….

Now i use Norton Antivirus for 2 days, and so far, my CPU is only used by things i am aware of.

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  1. i always use antivirus because there are so many malware and viruses that comes from the internet these days. ;”**`

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