Searching on the web sucks….

… at least if you are looking for documentation on certain issues. Right now, e.g., i am looking for documentation on how to serialize an XML document using javascript.

Easy, you think? I use “serialize xml javascript” as my search term, and i get a bunch of links. So, wait a minute, my friend, i hear you say, searching does not suck.

Ok, i admit. Searching does not suck, i admit, creating a really evil smile while saying so…. Finding useful information sucks.

And that’s not really a fault of the search engine of choice. Example: one article goes to the mozilla foundation, describing what i need for mozilla. Now the problem with this, and so many other articles, is, that they are not really useful on it’s own. They:

– have no date that i can find (maybe in the source)
– have no mentioning what version this information applies to

and then start of with “does not support in the moment”. What moment? When earth collided with an asteroid to kill of the dinosaurs? Or when Paris Hilton did the car wash? What moment in time are we talking about?

I am not picking on MozillaZine for a specific reason. This is true all over the pages you find whenever you look for information. You get a nice, page ranked, weighted list of information, that is mostly so out of it’s context, so completely and utterly useless to you in the present day, that you feel like little Harry Potter entering the library at Hogwarths without Hermine.

Is it so freaking hard to at least DATE your publications on the web…. in a visible manner to the reader?

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