Google Video…

is, like, hmm… a disaster?

I hate the US ignorance of the rest of the world in general, but the BETA versions of Google, Yahoo and others always exclude everyone. I am used to that. That does not even bother me anymore.


Google.Video really is going the extra step to piss me off. You can go there, with your Mac, and watch previews of NBA videos and other commercial videos. i can not buy them on my mac, and i can understand that…

Then i search for free things. There are lot’s of user submissions, things without copyright etc…

I can NOT preview them on the Mac.
I can NOT preview them in my country in the first place.

Why is FREE stuff banned from being distributed freely? I am not even blaming Google (they are probably just protecting they corporate asses from being sued), or maybe i should blame them because they made a mistake.

The end result though is another completely useless Google Beta if you actually live in the another part of the world.

Add to this the fact that i just tried to buy an album from Matthew Ebel (great artist), who is independent, and the independent music store is in the US, and it would cost 7$ to get a 10$ CD to me, the future of democratic content distribution seems to be very far away indeed.

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