Islam jokes create outrage….

A Danish newspaper printed (in September) a series of 12 caricatures about Islam and Mohammed. To give you a feel for them, let me describe one: it shows Mohammed with a bomb instead of a Turban on his head…

The outrage in the islamic world created by that is unbelievable. 17 countries so far have demanded criminal prosecution or other consequences against the people responsible at the newspaper. All of the countries are obviously Islamist.

Now, i don’t personally care for religion in the first place. On the other hand, i do not approve of unprovoked attacks on religion, or discrimination based on religion.

So i am not approving of what the newspaper did. Considering though what else newspapers do, and what kind of attacks other organizations and people (ever been followed by paparazzi ?) have to go through, i think this was rather harmless. But, i can understand that deeply religious people can be offended. The same way that deeply religious christians were offended by “Priest” etc…

Now, i am not even arguing that this is part of fundamental freedom, or that if you are deeply religious, just don’t read those jokes, or do not watch the movie.

All i really want is that the same 17 countries that are now demanding consequences based on they being ridiculed in their religious freedom and believes, show the same kind of determination the next time their brothers in believe bomb another school or restaurant?

Why don’t we have 80.000 islamic women demonstrate against terror based on their believes? Obviously, they were able to get a copy of a danish newspaper, or at least a truthful account of what was in there, so i am sure that they are fully informed about all the atrocities that happen in the name of Allah? If so, why is there no outcry against those terrorists that misuse the name of God in their very acts? Why, are those Islamic governments so eager to press ahead against the danish newspaper, but so utterly ineffective in suppressing anti-semitic journalism in their own countries?

As long as that does not happen, i find it hard to credit those demonstrators with any kind of honest motivation, or the desire to make the world a better place. This is just another witch hunt, fostered by the hateful Mulahs to burn the “all western people are unholy demons who deserve to DIE” picture.

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