Apple iMac’s running Windows…?

I am reading a lot about the possibility that Apple’s new Macs might be able to boot Windows XP, or Windows Vista later. Apple’s statement is that they are not doing anything to prevent this.

Somehow I just don’t get it. i don’t want to dual boot a Mac with OS X into any version of Windows. I mean, get real, if you are a Mac, and you boot Windows, you probably get a CPU cardiac attack.

Dual booting, while the bread and butter of Linux geeks, is just not practical as an everyday solution. What if you need that one windows app to run, and you are in OS X right now? Are you going to write down that information, reboot, start the windows app, type it back in and do whatever you do? Or you partition your drive in a way that you can share that data?

Hogwash. This is just stoneage computing. A cheap thrill, reboot into windows, and then, after 10min of disdain, you reboot into Mac OS X again, thinking, yes i did it. I booted Windows. Later you will wonder why, but for the moment there is this feeling of accomplishment. This is like booting Linux on your Mac. Only less secure, but prettier.

What i want is VMWare or VirtualPC to run Windows in a little window (that way you can easily hide it, when your cool friends come over) to do my accounting, .NET development etc. VirtualPC is a slow dog, barely usable these days even on the fastest Mac out there, and not just due to the emulation, but also due to the random limitation to 512MB of RAM (now, who came up with that?).

That is useful. I could stay in the secure, beautiful environment that i have come to love in the last year, and still do online banking. i can cut/copy/paste between apps and other good stuff.

But dual booting?

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