Password picking the easy way

I just love Jeremy Zawodny’s blog. Reading his blog makes me always with i would work for Yahoo. Anyway, he has a real nice post about the recent password requirements of their payroll system. Read it and go insane.

Seriously, at the end of the day, you want users to not pick their birthdays etc as the passwords, as they are easily guess-able by pretty much anyone who want’s to crack the account. Considering though the sophistication of todays hackers, coupled with the fact how many different accounts i need to have on the internet, i am left with very few interesting choices:

a) just have one password for all your important accounts. Have another password for unimportant accounts (like game related forums etc). That’s unsecure in terms of passwords, but at least i do not need to write them down, right?
b) have a different password/username for everything and write them all down. Use a computer to store them. And make lot’s of backups. Hopefully they are all secure so that noone can get at them.
c) Move to a remote part of the world without internet access..

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