MacBook – the battery is dead…

Two Days ago, i was sitting outside, working with the MacBook. After 1 hour the battery was dead (ok, i had WoW running in the background, scanning Auctions – so i thought that drained the battery).

So, i plug the Book into the socket. Next Morning, it is still charging. To my surprise, it does not detect the installed battery. Unplug. Shutdown. Remove Battery. Do the reset dance… Put it back together. Nothing.

Spend 5 min on the NET researching it, and figured that the overall consensus is: “DEAD. Just like Plywood”. So i call Apple Tech support (not that easy to find that number, is it… ), and they go through all the hoops i just did, again. I am a good boy and do as they ask – that’s just the way support works, and you have to go with the flow if you want anything at all from them. The guy is nice, and fast, and after 20 min, he concurs: “Dead, as Plywood”. So he puts a replacement in the system.

This morning, 10:02 am. UPS rings the door. Replacement battery.

I mean, i was upset that the battery died. But these things happen. Replacing it in less than 24 hours – that’s priceless, for everything else there is….

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