NewsReader software for the Mac

When i first got a Mac, around 15months ago, i started out using Newfire, a beautiful, fast, and no gimmicks newsreader. I was pretty happy with it, until one day, i had a harddisk problem related to an out of control virus checker, which filled my harddrive to the last byte, and Newsfire was the only application that not only got data loss, but a complete trashing of all data related to it. Channels, account info, all gone.

So i switched. As I, by that time, had 3 Macs now, I was looking for a software with online/central synchronization, and I ended up using Shrook. I was pretty happy with it for most of the time, i liked the good widescreen support, and the sync with the server works. Mostly.

This mostly was the really annoying part about it. On my high end dual G5 machine, Shrook would routinely end up eating 127% CPU and more, and always while syncing with the server. When you quit Shrook, it can take 2-3 minutes until the application is finally done, hence this one will always stop my machine from any logout attempt.

Today I installed NetNewsWire, and while i do not like the display layout as much as Shrook, today i have not seen the app use more than 20% CPU, and syncing with the NetGator service is very very fast. If this plays out well across my 3 Macs, I am going to switch. I am pretty sure Shrook is at a dead end anyway – they have not had an update for a long time…

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