Can not play XBOX360 arcade games anymore…

I am not the only one. When you have a defect XBOX360, and you get a replacement unit, like I did, the original buyers account has to be connected to XBOX Live, so that you can play the games you purchased.

Now I understand that this is a security feature to prevent people from copying games around. But..

This completely sucks ass and is another glaring display for the disregard of content providers, Microsoft in this case, to their consumers. I am not the only one (just google for this problem, you get plenty) as everyone who got a replacement unit can not play the games on their secondary accounts or when the internet is down.

Sorry guys. This is a totally unacceptable solution. Have a fucking “reset my account ID” on your freaking website, so the next time i log in, the new XBox will authorize itself again. Or get rid of the DRM system.

This also means, if i buy a 2nd XBox and want to copy the games on it, to play them in another room – let’s say I am watching TV, and my Kids want to play. No way, my friends. Unless they use my account.

This is just evil. I get a replacement for a broken piece of hardware, and i loose functionality. I hope Sony does a better job on this with PS3.

So far I was a fan of XBox360 and XBoxLife. This just got a good damper.

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