XBOX360 Arcade games… (2)

I finally, after 30 minutes, got through to support. This can get solved, but it’s not acknowledge in the knowledgebase article 911198, nor in any other document. And all the other people on the web don’t seem to have had luck with support either…

So here is the solution:

a) you need another account on your XBox360. A silver account is fine. Most likely you have that, otherwise you would not have noticed.
b) you call to support (can only vouch for the german support, they do this).
c) you wait
d) you continue waiting…
e) when you reach someone, you explain your problem. They verify the “replacement console” story (have your reference number of that incident).
f) then they need your GamerTag. They calculate the amount of points you spend so far
g) and the other gamertag get’s that amount of points
h) now wait again, this is supposed to take 10days
i) when you finally have the points on the other account, you buy all the games again

Now, repeat after me: I LOOOOVE DRM. It’s good for you. It enriches your life – otherwise you would never ever hear stories like this.

I don’t even want to start arguing at how many places Microsoft could do a much better job in this area. It’s so obvious, and i just don’t have the time. I am just glad that in 10 days, my wife can try to break her high score again…

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  1. Is there an actual fix to this..? I just received mine back, and technical support tells me to delete the game and wait 30 days then re-down load it..
    He did also mention to do this one or two games at a time.. I’m sorry but i have 24 arcade games.. Does this mean i have to wait 2 years to get them all back..?
    um.. right..
    Hopefully this is a fix

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