My time with a Linux server is over…

This weekend, i repeated an old geek mistake. I upgraded a fine running server (Ubuntu 5.10) to the latest release (Ubuntu 6.06-1) which is supposed to be a Long Term Support (LTS) release.

As security updates for old releases are not quite as frequent, i though, 6.06 is out for a few months, let’s upgrade…

The upgrade went pretty smooth (although i will not start arguing that i expect an upgrade to work like this: pop in upgrade CD, hit a button, upgrade happens, instead of the usual mumbo jumbo you need to do for Linux).

Today i discovered 2 not so nice things:

a) printing in Ubuntu 6.06 is just broken. I mean, the forums are full of reports that printing does not work anymore after upgrading
b) my external harddrive does not automount anymore

The later was a bug in 5.x that they fixed on the way to 5.10, and it’s broken/changed/whatever again in 6.06.

The former is just stupid. I spend a whole day trying to tweak it, but it just won’t print at all. It looks to me that the Ubuntu 6.06 USB subystem together with a less than good CUPS subsytem just do not like to print against most USB printers.

Too bad, i was used to having a Linux server around. OTOH, i have a spare PowerMac, as i am about to get a new MacPro, so i am going to use that one as the server in the future. This is going to have a bunch of benefits:

a) i can have all MP3’s on the server and stream from there.
b) i can rip them directly to the server and everyone will get the benefits
c) i have a server that can actually work with a lot of add on hardware (compared to a Linux box)
d) i have a server that i trust. I never really trusted the Ubuntu box, the lack of care the Ubuntu community and developers exhibit in polishing their systems just makes me distrust the inner workings and the reliability as well.

Bye bye Linux, see you soon in a VM near me.

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