XBOX360 support…

So i called in this morning, to claim a new warranty repair. The usual drill, lot’s of questions etc. Then he asks me about the free space around the XBox, to make sure it has enough airflow. I tell him, it’s mounted horizontally and has around 20cm (8 inch) of space in all other directions.

He starts telling me that this is not enough and he has to note that, and they might not repair it for free because of the heat issues. My wife than took a measurement (as the 20cm was guessing), and it’s 35cm, so this was all well.

But excuse me? Where in the freaking manual do they state 30cm as the minimum safe distance?

If they would state that, they would admit to a glaring design mistake in the XBOX 360. Hence, they can not really hold me, or any one else for that matter, responsible for “not enough airflow” if they do not state what the amount of air needed for the system is.

If the XBOX360 really needs 30cm in all directions, to operate in a safe manner, that’s a joke. But what really pisses me off, is that i am the one who spend 800$ on XBOX 360 stuff so far, and i have to send the thing in for repair (twice now), and they treat me like i am at fault for their shitty workmanship.

It’s about time Nintendo and Sony get their act together. Microsoft seems to need a bit of competition to start appreciate the customer a bit more.

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