Live with a new MacPro

I got my 3.0Ghz brandnew MacPro, sporting an ATI 1900XT and 5GB of RAM on Tuesday. I am not going to repeat all the great reviews, i can just confirm most of what was written. Less noise, less heat, more speed.

Reasons for disappointment:

– i used the usual firewire transfer method, which, overall, worked great. Unhappily, i installed a bunch of development software as SUDO user (like ant, to usr/local/bin), and those get, for security reasons, not transfered. So i had to manually reinstall some tools, which was annoying. I made myself happy by comparing that to the transfer agent of another OS i know…

– Parallels Workstation for the Mac, which works perfect on my MacBook and the MacBook Pro from my company, does not work yet with a MacPro over 3GB RAM, and not well with less RAM either. They state they identified the issue and are working on a patch, hope this comes soon.

Beside that, it’s all bliss. The thing is just screamingly fast, and mind you, it replaces a 2×2.7Ghz with 4GB of RAM, which was not a slow machine to start with. But working with FinalCut or Aperture is now just so snappy it’s a real pleasure…

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