IE7 sure is memory hungry

I downloaded IE7 today and installed it inside a test installation of XP I have around. Installation went fine, and the downloadpackage was surprisingly small for something like IE.

After the obligatory reboot (you have to wonder if Windows setup routines by now have a “reboot anyhow” setting – it is so rare today not to have to reboot) IE was installed and ready to rumble.

I tested memory consumption by opening up 5 tabs: (logged in),,, and Checking the taskmanager i see that this consumes a lofty 83 MB of RAM.

That sounds a lot, so i fire up FireFox, and load the same set of pages. 39 MB of RAM. To verify this against the latest version, i start up another Windows VM and install FireFox 2.0 RC3 (notably, the download is only 5.6 MB).

Loading the same set of pages in FireFox 2.0 takes 35 MB of RAM. Not a huge difference, but good 10% less than the predecessor.

Then there is the issue of screenrefresh times. I have the fastest system money can buy (or at least close to it) with an ATI 1900XT graphics card. I do not expect a windowing operation to be visible slow. Clicking between Tabs in IE7 “feels” slow. It’s not instantaneous, it’s not like really slow either, but you can see a difference when you click on the same Tabs in IE7 compared to Firefox.

I will certainly not switch away from FireFox, not just because of this, but mainly because all the FireFox extensions that i love to use would not be there. But, engineering wise, this does not look like a good start.

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