Audio filters

I finally decided to buy 2 powerline filters (Direct Audio AF1 MKII), mainly because I do sometimes get audio dropouts, mainly in 5.1 soundtracks, and it was suggested to me that this could be due to noise in the powerlines. Having protection for my equipment is never a bad thing, as that replacement would be a lot more expensive than to replace a filter or a fuse, and as I do have quiet a mess behind the amplifier this was a good opportunity to clean up.

First of all, after installing them, I listened to the latest Diana Krall album. I plugged the amplifier into the normal outlet, listened to a few songs. Then i plugged the amplifier into the filter, listened again. Repeated the whole thing. I got my 11 year old daughter to sit with me and verify. I then switched to David Munyon and repeated this.

All i can say is, man, that is the best 100$ i spend on HiFi equipment in along time. The sound, and my daughter agrees, is much warmer, Diana Krall sounds like she is 10 inch taler, David Munyons baritone was even more bone-tingling, if that is even possible.

Is this for everyone? No clue. As my regular HiFi dealer told me, the effect depends a lot on the fluctuations of your power lines in the first place. For me, this was well worth the money. Adding the 2nd Filter to the DVD player added a bit more, but that was barely noticeable. Switching between just the DVD and just the Amplifier, the effect was better with just the Amplifier using a filter.

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