:Ben Metcalfe Blog » Blog Archive » Google can go shove their lexicographical ‘advice’ up their ass

:Ben Metcalfe Blog » Blog Archive » Google can go shove their lexicographical ‘advice’ up their ass which is inspired by Do you Google? on the official Google blog.

I can do what i want, i always work for people who can just embarrass me. Nantucket, Microsoft, Google.There you have it, you work for the “smartest” people in the industry, they still do thinks that are not explainable. Now, going with Dilbert, i probably have to to give them the benefit of the doubt and argue that they are so smart that i can just not understand this.

Yeah, that will happen the same day Hell freezes over…

I guess all that’s left for me is the NSA and then I take a job in the National Rifle Association…


So, i was reading up on Trademark law and generalized Trademarks on Wikipedia. Interestingly enough, this research shows that they are partially correct, in the assertion that this post has the intention to reassert Googles rights to the trademark.

But, if that is the case, it was still very poorly handled/researched. Trademark dillution is a process that takes around 40-50 years (at least looking at the historical data available), hence a post made now, will not really have an impact in 40 years. More importantly, the fact, that Google is using the term “googling” itself in posts to actually describe the actual act of searching (and yes, you might argue that they are using the Google properties in that instance, but Google is devaluing the trademark by just making a verb out of it).

Just some random facts, with no potential value 🙂

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  1. I, uh, think it was supposed to be tongue in cheek.

  2. Metoo! That blog was so… demeaning. Do I google? Hell yeah. And on msn to, nyah nyah!

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