Microsoft Closes Oft-Abused “Upgrade” Loophole

Microsoft Closes Oft-Abused “Upgrade” Loophole

I got that one from, a feed I only read because it’s so funny to read completely unbiased Microsoft LOOOVE. The guy has probably the Microsoft logo tattooed on his lower back.

But sometimes he is bringing things to my attention that I would not have known otherwise. I know that Microsoft lost touch to their customer base a couple of years ago, but this is just another data point to their complete disregard of convenience. What happens now when your hard-drive crashes? You need to install a new hard-drive, call Microsoft, because the XP authentication and registration scheme notices that you installed XP more than 4 times, which means that you must be a criminal, not that their stupid OS is just to unstable to last for more than 12 months on a machine without requiring a complete reinstall :). Or that you are an avid gamer, and you just love upgrading your hardware. After that ordeal, you are now free to start the Vista install and make all your hard work for the last 45 minutes a complete joke. Wow, that makes me feel so appreciated.

If you can actually justify that (like that funny fellow in the post above), and even believe that this will prevent any kind of copy action on the parts of legally challenged members of our community, I salute you. You probably also believe in DRM and that Hollywood want’s the best for YOU.

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