Why Windows will never be on par with the Mac…

Got this from my special friends at Longhormblogs…

Nvidia Faces Potential Legal Trouble Over Vista Driver Issues:
The quotable one is:

“And I’d like to know how Nvidia was able to achieve Microsoft’s Vista certification with such crappy drivers. That’s probably what disappoints me the most.”

That is exactly the reason why Windows always has been buggy and trashy and always will be. Microsoft has no real control over driver development, and seriously, when they want to ship Vista, they will, even if NVIDIA is obviously not ready. They do certify substandard drivers, because they have to do that – you can not really ship a monster gaming upgrade to Windows without their premier partner for graphics card being on board, right?

Apple controls their hardware and drivers. That has it’s own set of disadvantages, but, behold, only once in 2 years did I had a crash due to driver issues (World of Warcraft started up over 4GB of Ram, and did some funky stuff to the 3d init.. fixed now, but you really needed to make sure that WoW did not start over 4GB for a few weeks…).

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