PS3: Games…

I got the following 3 games for launch:

Virtual Fighter 5
Read the reviews. It’s all true. Looks, IMO, a lot better than DOA4, and i always liked the series for it’s being closer to reality. Good game, if you are into precision fighting games. The Quest mode is fun so far, let’s see how long the appeal lasts. In terms of “no online game” ditches it got, I do agree with the publishers statement, that having an online mode for a game that fast is impossible. DOA4 proves quite nicely that winning there mostly depends on connection speed and luck. I was in matches where my opponent fell down without moving, or i just dropped dead without a chance to counter my invisible opponent…

NBA Street
I loved that game when I played it years ago on the PS2, and this incarnation is just so much fun again. Great dunks, very nice commentary on all the outdoor courts and the NBA stars that were born there. The career mode is fun, the game looks great. Good buy.

Motor Storm
Just wow. Playing this on my projector with a 7 foot screen is the a complete blast. It might not be the most realistic driving simulation (NOT), but even my daughter thinks this is a fun game, and she normally despises driving games. The graphics are very very sweet. This game actually shows off my XBox. I do not have any driving game on that platform that comes close to this, in terms of graphics.

All in all, 3 very good games.

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