PS3: Initial impressions

I got my own PS3 on the day of the European launch on Friday. I already had the old PS2 hooked up with a digital audio and a component cable from Monster to my AV equipment, so i could just unplug the old, and plugin the new, and be done with it. This is a nice touch in my book.

The build quality is excellent. Handing, touching, using a PS3 feels like using a high quality audio component. Setting it up, including wireless, was flawless (assuming you are familiar with the PSP interface, which I am, if you are new to it, your mileage may wary). I like the build in WiFi, and, comparing it to my XBox360, this brings the official price difference down to a good 100 Euros. For that you get BlueRay and a bigger HD, and of course a bundle of other differences.

The controllers are “small” compared to the XBox360, and they do not seem to have removable batteries. For my large hands they are the minimum size to be comfy with, but the rest of my family likes them a lot more than the heavy XBox360 controllers.

I set the system up to 720p (the highest native resolution of my TV and my Projector, both support 1080i, so i might try that later). The output works fine on both systems, and the readability of the UI is good.

I then created some user accounts for my family, changed default logon settings etc, and created a Playstation network account for myself.

So far, so good. From just the first 2 hours, i like the machine a lot.

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