Arcade: Dig Dug

Arcade: Dig Dug:
I remember that game as one of the most expensive allowance eaters of my youth. Probably shows that i am a fossil…

Update: Although Major Nelson states this is available in all regions, I don`t see it yet on XBox Live… maybe tomorrow….

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And the XBOX360 is back again…

this time it took just a week to ship the XBOX away, and get a new one back. It already survived my Wife’s 3 hour Zuma session, so I am very confident this one will last at least another week.

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XBOX360 support…

So i called in this morning, to claim a new warranty repair. The usual drill, lot’s of questions etc. Then he asks me about the free space around the XBox, to make sure it has enough airflow. I tell him, it’s mounted horizontally and has around 20cm (8 inch) of space in all other directions.

He starts telling me that this is not enough and he has to note that, and they might not repair it for free because of the heat issues. My wife than took a measurement (as the 20cm was guessing), and it’s 35cm, so this was all well.

But excuse me? Where in the freaking manual do they state 30cm as the minimum safe distance?

If they would state that, they would admit to a glaring design mistake in the XBOX 360. Hence, they can not really hold me, or any one else for that matter, responsible for “not enough airflow” if they do not state what the amount of air needed for the system is.

If the XBOX360 really needs 30cm in all directions, to operate in a safe manner, that’s a joke. But what really pisses me off, is that i am the one who spend 800$ on XBOX 360 stuff so far, and i have to send the thing in for repair (twice now), and they treat me like i am at fault for their shitty workmanship.

It’s about time Nintendo and Sony get their act together. Microsoft seems to need a bit of competition to start appreciate the customer a bit more.

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My XBOX360 broke down again…

Just 6 weeks after it arrived, I am going to call support tomorrow to arrange for another pick-up. This time, the DVD drive broke down. I was in the middle of a gaming session, when i heard a LOUD, cracking noise, followed by: “Can not read the disc..”.

I checked the game disc, looked fine. I tried it again, only to have it be eject right away. I try other game disc, i try music CDs. No luck with nothing at all. But the drive got mighty loud 🙂

So much to me not believing a word of all the “bad quality control” stories so far. The whole XBox360 adventure is turning to a real selling point for a PS3 in my view.

Two defects in less than a year.

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XBOX360 Arcade games… (2)

I finally, after 30 minutes, got through to support. This can get solved, but it’s not acknowledge in the knowledgebase article 911198, nor in any other document. And all the other people on the web don’t seem to have had luck with support either…

So here is the solution:

a) you need another account on your XBox360. A silver account is fine. Most likely you have that, otherwise you would not have noticed.
b) you call to support (can only vouch for the german support, they do this).
c) you wait
d) you continue waiting…
e) when you reach someone, you explain your problem. They verify the “replacement console” story (have your reference number of that incident).
f) then they need your GamerTag. They calculate the amount of points you spend so far
g) and the other gamertag get’s that amount of points
h) now wait again, this is supposed to take 10days
i) when you finally have the points on the other account, you buy all the games again

Now, repeat after me: I LOOOOVE DRM. It’s good for you. It enriches your life – otherwise you would never ever hear stories like this.

I don’t even want to start arguing at how many places Microsoft could do a much better job in this area. It’s so obvious, and i just don’t have the time. I am just glad that in 10 days, my wife can try to break her high score again…

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Can not play XBOX360 arcade games anymore…

I am not the only one. When you have a defect XBOX360, and you get a replacement unit, like I did, the original buyers account has to be connected to XBOX Live, so that you can play the games you purchased.

Now I understand that this is a security feature to prevent people from copying games around. But..

This completely sucks ass and is another glaring display for the disregard of content providers, Microsoft in this case, to their consumers. I am not the only one (just google for this problem, you get plenty) as everyone who got a replacement unit can not play the games on their secondary accounts or when the internet is down.

Sorry guys. This is a totally unacceptable solution. Have a fucking “reset my account ID” on your freaking website, so the next time i log in, the new XBox will authorize itself again. Or get rid of the DRM system.

This also means, if i buy a 2nd XBox and want to copy the games on it, to play them in another room – let’s say I am watching TV, and my Kids want to play. No way, my friends. Unless they use my account.

This is just evil. I get a replacement for a broken piece of hardware, and i loose functionality. I hope Sony does a better job on this with PS3.

So far I was a fan of XBox360 and XBoxLife. This just got a good damper.

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XBOX360 is back..

It actually arrived yesterday morning, which proves that the email notification system is out of whack, but it is working again, and i got an extra hard disk in the bargain. I send mine in without my HD (did not want to loose the data), and i got one back with another HD…

Anyway, the system was defect for just 8 days. That’s pretty good customer service.

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The XBOX360 is repaired…

one hour after i got the “we received the XBOX” email, i get the “your XBOX system is shipped” email.

That was a fast repair job… I am feeling a bit itchy (like, that could never have worked…..), but i am hopeful to have the system back by weeks end, and maybe even in working condition…

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XBOX360: the story goes on..

Today I received an email from Microsoft Tech Support indicating that my XBOX360 was received in their service center…

Considering that i send it away 7 days ago with UPS Express, i wonder if the service center is located in Timbuktu…

It probably means that the package is now in repair, not just that it arrived… They state they will send me an email again when the repair is done.

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XBox360: The good, the bad, …

I got my XBox360 the day it was released in Germany. It was always a bit louder and hotter than the once my friends had (at least the small sample of 2 friends i have that also have a XBox360), but it worked fine.

Until last week. I poped in a game, and it just froze. Reboot. Same game. Freeze… Reboot, another game. Hang.. Reboot. Demo on harddisk. Freeze. Reboot, disconnect Harddisk. Hang…

Finally the 3 rings of red indicate a hardware failure.

I called Microsoft the next morning, the pickup service is nice. Now it takes up to 3 weeks to replace/repair the unit. Let’s wait if it turns out the ugly or not…

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