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Jeremy Zawodny on Web 2.0

What the heck is Web 2.0 anyway?:
You gotta love this, especially the pastel colors part…

  1. Launched after Google AdSense
  2. Uses Ajax and/or DHTML
  3. Unclear business model, pastel colors & large fonts used
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Paul Graham: Microsoft is dead

Paul actually puts up a good analysis. It’s not that they are dead, but, as I phrased it a few times in discussions, they just don’t matter anymore. Microsoft will continue to play it’s role inside the firewall, pushing complex and expensive systems, but for people who do not work in an IT department, the world is a different place.

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Engadget: Aptera takes wraps off 200 MPG prototype car

Aptera takes wraps off 200 MPG prototype car:
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Ok, when they sell this here, i get a new car. That look is so classy ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Music, discovered again due to SACD…

I recently added SACD playing capabilities to my home hifi system. I connected the cables and searched around for a hybrid CD i might have. I found a sampler, sat down and compared: pure stereo mode, the amplifier doing it’s own 5.1 up-conversion, and then real SACD sound.

I did this for a good 45 minutes with various tracks on the CD, and I was amazed. I never like the 5.1 up-conversion, so I did not expect to be dazzled by SACD, but there is a significant difference in the sound. Where my amplifier just guesses what should happen, and produces a sound that makes me switch back to pure stereo mode right away, here sound engineers have done a good job remixing. The subwoofer is actually engaged, and the overall impression is just that you are sitting in the middle of the stage.

So I ordered a bundle of SACDs, most of them music i wanted to get anyway. As all of them are hybrids nothing prevents me from enjoying them on my iPod, and whenever I feel like just listening, I just switch to SACD…

Here are the ones i can got:

Dave Brubeck Quartet, Time Out
Note, that this is hard to find as a hybrid SACD, but it is worth every penny you pay. Beautiful, crystal clear sound, a must have for every fan of that kind of music.

Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 30 year Anniversary Edition.
Dire Straits, 20 year Anniversary Edition

Both are re-mastered, and very very good SACDs as well as just plain CDs.

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. If you don’t have it, this is a good release as a CD. It’s the expected surround mix for SACD.
Ray Charles, Genius loves Company. It was only 9 bucks, so nothing lost here. It’s an average sounding disc.

Also got a few classics, but I had no time yet to listen to them.

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Why Windows will never be on par with the Mac…

Got this from my special friends at Longhormblogs…

Nvidia Faces Potential Legal Trouble Over Vista Driver Issues:
The quotable one is:

“And I’d like to know how Nvidia was able to achieve Microsoft’s Vista certification with such crappy drivers. That’s probably what disappoints me the most.”

That is exactly the reason why Windows always has been buggy and trashy and always will be. Microsoft has no real control over driver development, and seriously, when they want to ship Vista, they will, even if NVIDIA is obviously not ready. They do certify substandard drivers, because they have to do that – you can not really ship a monster gaming upgrade to Windows without their premier partner for graphics card being on board, right?

Apple controls their hardware and drivers. That has it’s own set of disadvantages, but, behold, only once in 2 years did I had a crash due to driver issues (World of Warcraft started up over 4GB of Ram, and did some funky stuff to the 3d init.. fixed now, but you really needed to make sure that WoW did not start over 4GB for a few weeks…).

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Microsoft Closes Oft-Abused “Upgrade” Loophole

Microsoft Closes Oft-Abused “Upgrade” Loophole

I got that one from, a feed I only read because it’s so funny to read completely unbiased Microsoft LOOOVE. The guy has probably the Microsoft logo tattooed on his lower back.

But sometimes he is bringing things to my attention that I would not have known otherwise. I know that Microsoft lost touch to their customer base a couple of years ago, but this is just another data point to their complete disregard of convenience. What happens now when your hard-drive crashes? You need to install a new hard-drive, call Microsoft, because the XP authentication and registration scheme notices that you installed XP more than 4 times, which means that you must be a criminal, not that their stupid OS is just to unstable to last for more than 12 months on a machine without requiring a complete reinstall :). Or that you are an avid gamer, and you just love upgrading your hardware. After that ordeal, you are now free to start the Vista install and make all your hard work for the last 45 minutes a complete joke. Wow, that makes me feel so appreciated.

If you can actually justify that (like that funny fellow in the post above), and even believe that this will prevent any kind of copy action on the parts of legally challenged members of our community, I salute you. You probably also believe in DRM and that Hollywood want’s the best for YOU.

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Universal and Sony prohibit Zune sharing for certain artists

Universal and Sony prohibit Zune sharing for certain artists:

Just read this over at Engadget. As I don’t plan to buy a Zune or any other product with a DRM scheme like this, I personally don’t care. But it’s a good illustration: The old, traditional content companies really do not get it. And, sadly, they convinced the most powerful software company to join their ranks.

On the other hand, considering that most of todays kids consider Microsoft as much a dinosaur of the computing age, as I did with IBM back then, maybe Microsoft and Hollywood make a good partnership after all.

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Books: 2 more by Neil Gaiman

I read some reviews of the “Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1” edition that Marvel released lately, and I have to say, after receiving it 7 weeks after ordering, this is a beauty of a book. The print and the quality is excellent, and the comic, at least for me, is a treasure of spellbinding stories and characters. The series has a very high reputation, and judging from Volume One (1700 pages) it seems to be rightfully deserved.

I read another novel by Gaiman shortly after this, Neverwhere. It’s a fantasy story about a mythical London Underground where people, who fall through the cracks of society, end up. I liked it, it was a good read, with a lot of interesting twists and ideas.

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Movie Review: V for Vendetta

I had that movie lying around for a while, but just now got around viewing it. The normal DVD I got is a bit disappointing in terms of picture quality (no anamorphic view), but the movie itself was a decent adaption of this very good comic book. I highly enjoyed it, and it’s worth watching. I was afraid the Matrix brothers would ruin the movie by making it an action spectacle, and although there is one scene which is clearly only in there to prove that they can still do slow motion attack scenes, overall they made something i was not really assuming they could: an intelligent movie.

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